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To be a strong partner to the manufacturing industry within automation and quality control and to offer a total solution with service and support for a sustainable operation.


We shall be the the first choice in vision technology and industrial automation

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About us

We know vision system and vision technology!

Image Control is specialized in supplying vision systems for inspection and measurments for the manufacturing industry. Our customers include the following industries:

• Pharmaceuticals

• Automative

• Mechanics

• Plastic

• Food

• Electronics

Image Control have more than 60 years of collective experience in building and installing various optical inspection systems.


We have delivered systems for assembly and inspection of microelectronics, guidance of industrial robots, advanced cosmetic inspection and precision measurement on micro-meters level.

We have developed a number of standard systems based on well proven industrial vision software and components from some of the major suppliers.

For a system to maintain performance and reliability over its lifetime, it is important that an effective service and support with preventive maintenance is maintained.

We have a number of customers we continuously serviced and calibrated for a long time.

We can offer various options on the service structure, research and development and calibration.


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